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Thinking about Parenting Alone?

Who would have thought it! A true holiday, “Happy National Single Parent Day!” O.K., so I might be late to have discovered this holiday, but I’ll definitely be one to embrace it everyday. In 1984 our dear Republican President Ronald Reagan officially designated March 21st as the day of acknowledgement for all the hard work of single parents. What happened nobody ever sent me a Hallmark card or a bouquet of flowers to acknowledge my successful achievements in the last two plus years of me being a single parent. Are you thinking of becoming a single parent by choice?

Welcome to the new designer family as I like to refer to it. The new normal in every sense of the way. At Creative Love Egg Donor and Surrogate Agency we welcome many women and men that have yet to met Mr. or Ms. Right and don’t want to wait on the window of opportunity to become parents. Welcome to the unique way families are created today. I chose the path to single parenthood and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Trust me somedays come with challenges, but would I really want to navigate through the treacherous territory of constant parental compromise. Not a chance! I often speak with many wonderful intended parents that have an urge to have a child. Their urge outweighs their desire for a partner. We live in the now and people want to create their family now. Many intended parents realize that they have the rest of their lives to find Mr. or Ms. Right. Turning to egg donation and or surrogacy is an ideal and amazing way to create your family.

Intended parents often ask me what my intentions are on disclosure to my son about the nature of his origin. Everyday I share with my son, “that he is the golden egg.” and every time I get the same answer from him, “I am.” As children grow, depending upon their level of curiosity and maturity, questions and information given will become more detailed. From speaking with different psychologist over the last several years I always hear that it is best to disclose to children conceived through egg donation or surrogacy early on in life. No need to keep a secret. However, that is a very personal decision. I’m sure I will run into that struggle of getting my son, Bryce to understand why we don’t have a daddy in our pictures. He’ll know that I’m here to care for him always. I will always be there to love him. And that’s what I tell all the intended parents that contact me to talk about single parenthood. You are a parent to your child and truly that is all that ultimately matters. Going through egg donation or surrogacy is definitely a doable process. Most importantly it is a rewarding options to parenthood.