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Selecting a Surrogate in Florida: What to Look For

What Should I look for When Selecting A Surrogate In Florida?

You’ve just been told by your fertility doctor that you need a gestational carrier to increase your chances at parenthood. Maybe you have always known that you would need a carrier. Turing to surrogacy can be an emotional choice for some couples and individuals. Giving up your reproductive freedom is not easy for some. Creative Love is a leading force in surrogate journeys in Florida. Our team is here to support intended parents that come to us ready to begin a surrogate journey. Surrogate laws in Florida are favorable to the intended parent and protects their parental rights when entering into a gestational surrogate agreement. We understand firsthand the overwhelming amount of information there is to learn when beginning a surrogate journey. One of the most important parts to a successful surrogate journey is, “What to look for when selecting a surrogate mother in Florida”.

Just like our intended parents we only work with surrogate mothers that share the same beliefs as us. All of the surrogate mothers that join our agency family have a full understanding of the commitment they are about to embark on. Most important to us is working with surrogate mothers that understand for any surrogate match to be ideal the surrogate has to be committed to the fact that they are walking in the shoes of the intended mother and must share the same values and beliefs for the journey to be ideal. It is our job at Creative Love to sit down with our intended parents and go over a list of many very important questions so we have a full understanding of their expectation and what they are exactly looking for in a surrogate mother. Below is a list of questions that are important to cover.

  • What are the important qualities when choosing your surrogate?
  • What type of relationship do you want with the surrogate during the surrogate process?
  • What type of relationship do you want with the surrogate after the birth?
  • Is the surrogates ethnicity or religion important to you? Are you willing to work with a surrogate not based on these factors?
  • How involved do you want to be the doctor appointments?
  • Does the surrogate have insurance that will cover the pregnancy?
  • How many cycles are you willing to do with a surrogate to achieve a successful pregnancy?
  • How many embryos are you looking to transfer?
  • What are your feelings in regards to selective reduction in the case of multiples?
  • How do you feel about twins?
  • How do you feel about termination for birth defects?

All of the surrogate mothers that work with Creative Love live in Florida. This allows you as the intended parent to be as involved as you would like. It also allows Creative Love to be involved before, during and after the pregnancy with our surrogates. All of our surrogate mothers are pre-screened both medical and psychologically before you meet. If your just exploring surrogacy as your family building option or ready to begin we welcome you to our office or can setup a Skype call anytime.