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When is the right time to turn to egg donation- Creative Love

When is the right time to turn to egg donation?

I don’t think that you can really give this question a right or wrong answer. When is the right time to turn to egg donation? The “right time” is truly when it’s the right time for you. I felt very fortunate in the sense that I never got the speech that we all so dread to hear from our fertility doctor. You know the one that goes like this, “I think that at your age you should start to consider egg donation.”

At the young age of 42 I had a record breaking cycle with my own eggs. It went like this, 23 eggs retrieved, 17 mature, 16 fertilized. My fertility doctor said that I was in the top 1% for my age. Well, the outcome was a different story. I did become pregnant, but unfortunately I had an early miscarriage.

When I had my follow-up appointment with my doctor I let him know that I was ready to turn to egg donation. For me it was an easy decision to arrive at. I had been through endless cycles and knew that I wanted a baby badly. I could easily classify myself as an “IVF Junkie” at the time. I lived,breathed and sleep IVF. It had become my life and my obsession. My focus was to become a mother and egg donation was the best option for me.

Some people struggle with this question, “When is the right time to turn to egg donation”. There is no right or wrong answer to this. Take your time in this decision. You’ll know when the right time is for you.