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Motivations for Becoming Surrogate Mothers

Why Do Women Become Surrogate Mothers?

It’s one of the biggest questions people ask when they see somebody doing something different. Why do they do it? It’s natural human curiosity. And so, we have often seen the question: “Why do women become surrogates?”

There are several reasons women become surrogates, but the two big ones are wanting to help a couple struggling to have a family and the joy of pregnancy.

Those who do it will tell you of the deep gratification they feel helping others. They know that they can help a couple who desperately wants a child of their own. Not only is that a very worthy cause, but she is doing something else wonderful for the world. She is bringing into the world a child who will be loved. For every unwanted pregnancy, where the child might not get the love it should, it is wonderful to know that one is creating a child that will be loved by its parents.

A woman could clean up a local beach or remove litter from the forest. She could work at the local food bank or volunteer at a clinic in a poor part of town. Or she could march for world peace or for a cure for cancer.

But some women have a special talent that deserves to be put to good use. They are good at being pregnant and delivering healthy babies. They’ve done it before. It went smoothly. It was a fulfilling experience. They are eager to do it again.

What if it didn’t go so well with their own children? What if it wasn’t all that fulfilling an experience? Women whose pregnancies were troubled are unlikely to volunteer to withstand those same complications with another couple’s child. Even if they are ready to submit to such unpleasantness for another couple, we won’t work with them. We need to know that a woman has had only positive experiences with previous pregnancies, because the intended couple will want the best chance for their baby.

Interestingly, the other big reason some women choose surrogacy is that they love the feeling of being pregnant. Not every woman does. In part, it depends on how well the pregnancy goes. But it also depends on individual preference. Pregnancy is something that some women simply enjoy.

Enjoying pregnancy does not mean that the woman wants more children. It might be enough for her to raise one child. Or two. She might not want the added responsibility of another child. She might not feel she can afford the high cost of raising more children. Or she might simply not want to have to divide her attention too many ways while raising the one or two children she already has.

As a surrogate, a woman can enjoy pregnancy one more time without having the responsibility and the costs of raising another child. Plus, she is doing a good deed for a couple in need and helping to build a better, more loving world.

And now you know why some women choose to become surrogates.