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Insights from Experienced Surrogate Mothers

Words From Experienced Surrogate Mothers

What’s it like to be a surrogate mother?  That is something that only experience can tell. However, here are a few voices of experience.  This is Amy:

It was wonderful.  There is always something magical about being pregnant. Being a surrogate and knowing I’m helping a couple become parents is the greatest feeling.

I’ve always known that the most important thing I would do in my life is be a mother.  And now, I’ve done it twice for myself and twice for two different couple. 

I could never have done that on my own, because two children is enough for my husband and I.  By being a surrogate, I got to experience the fulfilling feeling of pregnancy twice more, without having two extra kids on my hands.  I love my kids, but two is enough.

I might do this again.

Many surrogate mothers feel just like Amy.  They are in it for personal reasons too.  They want to feel that glow and sensation of pregnancy again. Others, like Marg, are in it for more altruistic reasons.

I just knew I had to do this.  It was something I could do, a good deed, to make this world a better place.  I won’t save the whales or save anybody’s soul, but I can create a wonderful little life for parents who really want to be parents. 

I think what I loved the most was the connection I made with Jessica, the new mother.  It was electric, sharing this experience with her.  We both thrived on each other’s excitement. 

When my Tyler was born, my husband and I were exited together for his arrival.  That was special.  But this was special in a different way, sort of a girl’s night out excitement, only more so – like a PJ party with a goal.

What Amy and Marg share in common, aside from being surrogate mothers, is experience.  In fact, they share positive experience before they ever set foot in a fertility clinic or surrogacy agency.  That’s because a reputable surrogacy agency, like Creative Love (https://cledp.com) will only work with surrogates that meet the high standards of guidelines set forth by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.

Here are the qualifications Creative is looking for in new potential surrogate mother applicants:

  1. To be a surrogate mother, you must have experienced at least one healthy pregnancy of your own.
  2. To be a surrogate mother, all previous pregnancies must have been successful, carried to term.
  3. To be a surrogate mother, all previous pregnancies must have been enjoyable. We want mothers who have had uniquely positive experiences and are looking forward to their surrogate journey.
  4. To be a surrogate mother, you must be emotionally and financially sound. Not on any form of government assistance.
  5. To be a surrogate mother, you cannot have had more than three C-Sections.
  6. To be a surrogate mother, you cannot have had more than five pregnancies.

There are other rules, such as age and BMI, citizenship and residency, and of course be in the best of health. We obviously want to work with healthy women who can give birth to healthy babies.

Your surrogate journey should be the experience of a lifetime.  If you enjoy being pregnant, and your experience had been uniquely positive, why not consider being the change in someone’s life that otherwise would not become a parent without your help through surrogacy.  It’s a once in a lifetime experience … unless you decide to do it a second or third time.