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Becoming an Egg Donor while Attending Full-Time School - Surrogacy and Egg Donor Services

Becoming An Egg Donor While Going to School Full-Time

So, you’re working on your school schedule for the upcoming fall semester and you realize that your full student loan didn’t come through. Now your in a dilemma. Perfect solution, “Why not become an egg donor”. The compensation is fantastic and it can help to pay for school while at the same time help a couple struggling to have a child. Becoming an egg donor is the greatest gift you could ever give someone. It is kindness beyond expression.

Becoming an egg donor is a huge commitment for a short amount of time. However, it is a commitment not to be taken lightly. First you will have several different medical appointments during the pre-screening phase to see if you qualify to become an egg donor. Then you will have to meet with a psychologist to be screened. Now you haven’t even started the cycle. Yes, you will have several more appointments ahead of you.

Once you have started the actual cycle your screening appointments are set for early morning so that they don’t interfere with school or work. These appointment are the first appointment of the day at the clinics. Yes, they should be quick in and out appointments, but sometimes they can run a little longer. You have to remember that being a student and attending early morning doctor appointments you have to leave some room for flexibility. There is no way around the early morning appointments No, there are no afternoon monitoring appointments. The reason for the early morning monitoring appointments is that the doctor needs time to read lab reports and make any adjustments to your cycle so that you can take your evening injections in a timely manner.

Fertility clinics work hard to be flexible to egg donors going through a cycle. You as a young college student participating in an egg donor program puts great value on a clinic and to an agency. You are very important and should be treated with the most respect by clinics. At Creative Love Egg Donor Agency located in South Florida and Orlando we treat our egg donors like one of our daughters. Whatever we can do to make the process an enjoyable journey for you we’re here to help guide you.

As an egg donor you have to do your part to make a cycle a successful one. It’s very important that you not take on an egg donor cycle if your school schedule does not have the flexibility and you cannot give it your full commitment. Once you have been selected by an intended parent one of our cycle coordinators will contact you to discuss the cycle and see if your available at the time the intended parents would like to move forward. If you can’t make the commitment then don’t be discouraged. You would be presently surprised how many intended parents are willing to wait for their ideal egg donor. It’s not everyday that you have to give up your genetic link and turn to egg donation. We have many clients that are willing to wait for an egg donor’s Christmas break, Spring break or Summer break.

If your thinking about becoming an egg donor. Creative Love Egg Donor agency is always welcoming wonderful college women, stay-at-home Mother’s and great girls in the work force. Becoming an egg donor is a great way to afford college and pay off student loans. Visit our website to fully educate yourself on the process. Please don’t hesitate to contact the agency directly to ask questions. We looking forward to you joining our agency family!