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Insurance Coverage for Surrogacy Costs

Does Insurance Cover The Cost Of Surrogacy?

A surrogate journey is quite involved and requires the attention and services of a team of dedicated nurses and doctors as you venture from surrogate and intended parent screenings, donor retrieval (if applicable), initiation of infertility medications to prep the surrogate body, fertilization of ova/egg and sperm, embryo transfer, obstetric care, and alas labor and delivery. It is through their care and the science behind their specialty practice that it is all made possible. The cost of these invaluable service in a surrogate journey, however, should not feel insurmountable. One of the best things to have happened in the state of Florida are the dynamic changes in the world of insurance coverage.

With the sweeping modifications in the insurance industry as a result of the institution of Obama Care that took effect in 2013, women as a whole took a small victory in the realm of motherhood.

The President made it so that every citizen of our beloved country must be protected by health insurance. In another statement he declared that every citizen had the right to have a child; regardless of any personal attributes, such as age, they should still be protected by the insurance coverage they purchase into.

All female individuals can now note the coverage of obstetric care in their insurance policy regardless of their need for it or choice to use it. While it is still a means to the same end it is important to note, however, that surrogacy is not regarded in the same sense as a traditional organic pregnancy. Florida remains one of the most surrogate friendly states yet that has not been the atmosphere reflected in our standard insurance coverage benefits. While your traditional insurance policy may cover its policy holder to have a baby most companies have a written exclusion in the ‘summary of benefits book’ that specifically excludes surrogate coverage or coverage for infertility services related to a surrogacy journey.

The long and short of ‘Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Surrogacy?’ is YES, insurance can cover a surrogate journey! Although few and far between, there are existing policies that in fact do currently cover a surrogate journey. If you seek to become a surrogate or seek the use of a surrogate there are insurance companies willing to cover these medical expenses but as a policy holder you must do your due diligence in educating yourself on your current policy benefits and exclusions, and that of others if you find that you must switch carriers.

Fortunately, at Creative Love egg donor and surrogate agency we pride ourselves in having staffed a leading expert in the field of insurance coverage specifically for surrogacy. Insurance is not stagnant, they are ever changing, including and excluding benefits, which is one of the leading reasons a policy holder must review and agree with their benefits at every point of policy renewal. Our agent keeps up with these alterations to insure our clients are always protected under the best coverage. Our agent will gladly assist new intended parents and potential surrogates in reviewing their policy for terms of coverage or, if necessary, obtaining a new insurance policy that does provide these benefits.