Questions that you might have?

Once you have been selected

Some Important Information For You

It is very important that you understand what is required of you as an egg donor prior to fully committing to the egg donation process. Below, please find an outline of the steps taken during an egg donation cycle.

Your Selection Process

  1. The Intended Parents may ask any additional questions they might have about any of our donors. All correspondence will be done through Creative Love Egg Donor Agency.
  2. The Intended Parent(s) select you as their donor.
  3. Creative Love Egg Donor Agency will contact you to verify your availability. You may choose to accept or decline this egg donation cycle. IMPORTANT! Only accept a match if you are able to commit to the entire process.
  4. You will be required to undergo a psychological consult with a PhD psychologist who specializes in egg donation. You will given an MMPI which is the most frequently used clinical personality test. It provides an objective measure of a persons personality. It also provides information about any potential psychological problems or symptoms that may deem a potential donor inappropriate to proceed with the egg donation process.
  5. You will be given a contract to sign. An attorney will go over the entire contract and the egg donation process with you. They will explain the contract to you and answer all of your questions. Before you sign the contract you can request changes that your attorney can forward to the intended parent's attorney. Once all parties are in agreement with all terms of the contract you can sign and return to your attorney.
  6. You will undergo a medical evaluation, including a blood draw and an ultrasound. Once again, the egg donation process as well as all medications will be explained to you by the IVF nurse at the clinic. All of your questions will be answered.
  7. Your monthly cycle is synchronized with the Intended Mother’s by use of birth control pills. IMPORTANT! You will receive very specific instructions on all steps required of you by the clinic that you are cycling at. You must take all medications at the appropriate times and be punctual for all appointments. The IVF nurse will give you a lesson on how to correctly administer the medication. You will also be given a calender fully showing you how the cycle will run.
  8. You will administer the down regulation medication for approximately 8 to 10 days (Leuprolide).
  9. You will then administer follicle stimulating hormones for approximately 5 to 14 days.
  10. During this time, donors will have approximately 4 to 8 monitoring appointments at the IVF clinic. At these appointments, you will receive a blood draw (to check your hormone levels) and an ultrasound (to monitor follicular growth).
  11. A final injection (hCG) will be administered approximately 36 hours prior to retrieval.
  12. The egg retrieval will be done at the clinic of the Intended Parents. If the IVF clinic is out of state, you will be required to travel to the IVF clinic 4 to 5 days prior to retrieval for monitoring. You will receive anesthesia. The eggs will be retrieved through an ultrasound-guided needle.
  13. Your compensation will be given to you the day after retrieval (next business day if the retrieval falls on a weekend or holiday).
  14. Within a week of the egg retrieval, you will mail all your accrued expenses (if any) to Creative Love Egg Donor Agency. A reimbursement check will be mailed to you within two weeks of receipt.