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Locating a Surrogate in Florida: Egg Donor and Surrogacy Tips

How to Find a Surrogate in Florida?

For intended parents interested in creating, or expanding, their family through surrogacy, learning about the surrogacy process and where to find a surrogate in Florida is often times the first step. At Creative Love Egg Donor & Surrogacy Agency we understand how this can be an exciting yet overwhelming process at first and that is why we create resources, for both intended parents and surrogate mothers, to help guide you through the process.

Of all of the questions we hear from intended parents interested in surrogacy, the most common and often times first question we hear is “how do I find a surrogate in Florida?” In today’s blog we will cover this and go over the process of matching with your surrogate.

Where to search for a surrogate in Florida?

When considering surrogacy as an option to expanding or starting a family, figuring out where to find a surrogate might seem like a daunting task. Decades ago, the process of finding a surrogate to carry your child was difficult. You would largely be reliant on a close friend or family member and when it came to assistance along the way you were left on your own. Over time, especially with more “surrogate-friendly” laws being passed, intended parents were able to lean on surrogate agencies to find them a compatible surrogate mother.

With Florida being a “surrogate-friendly” state, finding a surrogate through a Florida surrogacy agency has never been easier. In addition to finding the surrogate mother to carry your child, partnering with a leading Florida surrogacy agency affords additional benefits such as support and guidance for you and the surrogate mother throughout the surrogacy journey.

Finding the right Florida Surrogacy Agency

Now that you know finding a Florida surrogacy agency is often times the easiest route to finding a surrogate, the questions turn to “how do I find the right surrogacy agency?” In Florida, and throughout many “surrogate-friendly” states, searching for a surrogacy agency can be overwhelming in it of itself. As a leading Florida surrogacy agency ourselves, we understand what is needed from the agency side to ensure you have a successful and enjoyable journey to starting or expanding your family through surrogacy.

When choosing a surrogacy agency, it is important to find one that is experienced and has the necessary resources to assist you throughout your journey. Aside from just matching you with a surrogate mother, larger agencies, such as Creative Love, can provide a wealth of additional resources such as coordinating necessary medical visits and navigating the legalities behind the surrogacy process. Furthermore, working with a larger agency will benefit you as they most likely have surrogate mothers, already medically and psychologically prescreened, waiting to match with you.

Understanding the surrogate matching process

Once you have decided on a Florida surrogacy agency to work with and have gone through the onboarding process, one of the next and most exciting steps is the matching process. During the matching process you will be matched with a surrogate to carry your baby. At Creative Love, for example, we treat this process very carefully to ensure that the intended parent(s) are matched with a surrogate mother who shares a similar ideas and preferences. By going this route and matching the intended parent(s) with a similar minded surrogate mother you can help eliminate headaches or other barriers down the road.

Further information

If you are an intended parent interested in finding a surrogate in Florida, Creative Love Egg Donor & Surrogacy Agency is here to assist you. We welcome you to reach out to us with any of the questions you might have or to begin the process of starting a family, or expanding one, through surrogacy.