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What’s New at Creative Love Egg Donor Agency?

Creative Love had a wonderful week with lots of exciting news to report. I personally spent the day with one of our donors. I took her for her baseline appointment at University of Miami. What a spectacular clinic! Lily the nurse and Dr. Attia are just super. They make our donors feel special every time. Creative Love definitely spoils our donors! Whatever it takes to put our intended parents at ease and to help our donors feel the most comfortable we will do. I even met up with a donor later for her Lupron shot. I guess nursing school came in handy after all.

SB is staring stims on Monday! AK had a great retrieval today at South Florida Institute of Reproductive Medicine. Our international couple is in town and gearing up for their transfer sometime next week. Creative Love is sending them lots of baby dust! SK had a great retrieval last week, 35 egg with 22 mature. Intended parents transferred a great single AA embryo this week at IVF FLORIDA. Lots of baby dust to them as well!

We also welcomed two fantastic new surrogates into our family, Lorraine and Kelly. We are so excited for their matches and can’t wait to get things moving along. Psychological evaluations are completed and background checks. Next is their one day work-up appointments. We wish everyone a wonderful and safe weekend!