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The Surrogate Process

Meeting with our agency for a consultation

Creative Love welcomes you to come to our office for your initial complimentary consultation. For our international clients we can arrange to have a consultation through Skype with a translator available in your native language. Your consultation with us should be a relaxed get together. To begin your consultation we will explain to you what services Creative Love has to offer and what you can expect from us. We will discuss the whole surrogate process including the legal, insurance and expectations that are involved of all parties. At the consultation we can review our surrogate profiles with you. We can discuss a surrogate package that is tailored and cost effective to meet your needs.

Matching the Intended Parent(s)

As a surrogate agency it is our primary goal to match you with a wonderful surrogate that meets your needs both personal and medical. The surrogate process begins with us helping you to create an intended parent profile. To have a successful surrogate experience we believe that formulating a positive relationship with your surrogate is the foundation to success of your surrogate journey. To better help us help you we truly want to know you and have an understanding of how you arrived at this part of your fertility journey. We want to know about your family, profession and, personal interests. Together we will create an intended parent profile. This very personal profile will better assist us during the matching phase of your surrogate and egg donor cycle. The profile will also give us an understanding of the type of relationship you would like with your surrogate. It will also assist us in matching you with a surrogate that meets the needs and qualifications that you are looking for in your surrogate. Sharing your profile with a surrogate also gives her an opportunity to decide on the compatibility for her to work with you. Once all parties are in agreement to work together we then move onto the legal phase.

For our international clients once you have selected a surrogate to work with you will need to visit the United States. Typically you would need to make 3-4 trips throughout your surrogate journey.  The first trip would be to meet your surrogate and completed your initial screening at your clinic. Your second trip would be for the 20 week ultrasound to learn the gender of your baby. During your second trip we will assist in confirming the birth plan and begin to have it in place. Then your final trip to the United States would be to welcome your baby. Typically intended parents stay in the United States 2-3 weeks after the birth of their baby. At this time we will assist you in obtaining the child’s birth certificate, and the child’s U.S. passport for International travel. Throughout your journey Creative Love will have a surrogate journey coordinator attending to your surrogate at all times. We will attend doctor’s appointments and home visits throughout the journey to give you peace of mind while your in your home country.

The Legal Process
There are two separate legal aspects to a surrogate arrangement, the surrogate contract and establishing maternity and paternity. Having a legal contract in place that protects your parental rights is critical. Before the contract between the surrogate and the intended parent(s) is drafted we advise that the intended parent(s) research and have a full understanding of surrogate laws and the state law that their surrogate will deliver in. The laws of surrogacy vary by state and sexual orientation. When drafting the surrogate contract it needs to be administered and written by an attorney with expertise in 3rd party reproductive law and experience in drafting such contracts. Each party will have independent attorneys so there is a complete understanding of all parties legal rights and there is no conflicts. Your contract will cover many important subjects such as: the surrogates compensation, number of embryos transferred, medical insurance coverage, surrogate agreement to waive medical confidentiality during cycle and pregnancy, the rights and duties of all parties and expectations during pregnancy and after. The contract should also have in place a birth plan. Your attorney will meet with the administrator on the labor and delivery floor to share the birth plan with the hospital.
The Medical Process
To begin the medical process the surrogate mother and her husband if will have to pass the FDA required screening. She will also have to pass the medical screening performed by the intended parent(s) IVF clinic. The steps involved in a surrogate/egg donor cycle are outlined below.

The Surrogate begins taking birth control pills to align her cycle with the egg donor. The surrogate will take Lupron to suppress ovulation, while the egg donor takes stimulating hormones to stimulate her ovaries to develop multiple eggs. After 10 -14 days of FSH drugs the egg donor will go through an egg retrieval. The surrogate then begins to take estrogen to prepare her uterus for implantation and pregnancy. During this time, the surrogate will be monitored by blood tests and ultrasound to determine hormone levels and the appropriate development of her uterine lining. Three to five days after fertilization of the eggs, a number of embryos are inserted into the surrogate’s uterus. The surrogate will then begin using progesterone to support and maintain the pregnancy. A successful pregnancy can be confirmed in two weeks.
The Pregnancy
During the legal process the intended parent(s) and the surrogate will have come to an agreement as to where each party stands in regards to the pregnancy. This part of the surrogate agreement is crucial to all parties. Most intended parents(s) want to be very involved in the pregnancy of their unborn child. A few things that all parties should consider and have covered in the legal contract are: What each parties expectation and frequency of communication is during the pregnancy, involvement in regards to doctor's appointments, when will the surrogate notify the intended parent(s) of the onset of labor and what each parties expectation is on the birth plan.
After the Pregnancy
After the birth the intended parents take full custody of the child or children born. Every after birth plan is different. Sometimes the intended parents will give the surrogate mother some time with the baby after birth. An after birth plan is important to discuss between all parties before the pregnancy takes place and also throughout the journey. Some surrogates request in their contract that intended parents send updated pictures periodically.