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Florida Surrogacy and Egg Donation Agency Questions

Choosing the Right Surrogacy Agency – Questions to Ask

So, you’ve decided to start your journey to becoming a surrogate mother, congratulations! Now, most likely, your next decision is which surrogacy agency are you planning on having represent you. Having the right surrogacy agency represent you can be very beneficial as that agency will walk you through all the steps, both pre-pregnancy and post, and also work to match you with the intended parents.

Since the surrogacy agency you choose to represent you will be there throughout your journey, it is important that you are mindful in deciding which one to work with. At Creative Love Surrogacy Agency, we understand the importance of selecting the right surrogacy agency and have put together this blog to share some of the essential questions you should be asking when speaking with a potential agency.

Asking the Right Questions

Chances are you have already shortlisted a few local Florida, or out of state surrogacy agencies and now you have the dilemma of choosing the one that is right for you. While we can not make that choice for you, we would like to list some helpful questions you should be asking:

  1. How long has the surrogacy agency been around? – It might sound like a commonsense question, but it is important to find out just how long the agency you are speaking to has been in business. With the increasing number of surrogacy agencies opening each year, it is important to find one that has been established for some time, at least a decade, as they more than likely will have the experience you are looking for.
  2. How many surrogacy matches have been made at their agency? – Similar to the first question, working with an experienced surrogacy agency is going to benefit you throughout your surrogate journey as they would have seen many different situations and should be able to adapt to yours. If an agency has been in business for some time and has a lot of experience matching surrogate mothers with intended parents, that is a good sign they are an agency you may like to work with.
  3. Does the surrogacy agency offer comprehensive services? – Most of the surrogacy agencies in Florida, and throughout the United States will work with you to match you with the intended parents, but not all of them will offer comprehensive services along with it. These services can include guidance, pairing you with an experienced lawyer to assist in the necessary paperwork, providing medical insurance, facilitating the gestational surrogacy and more.
  4. Do they have a detailed compensation package? – Most surrogacy agencies will talk a lot about compensation, but they avoid going into detail as to what that really means. When it comes to surrogacy, in addition to the base compensation, what you are being paid for being a surrogate mother, there are many other areas where you should be compensated for. This includes medical costs, psychological support, transfer fees and more (you can see an example of surrogacy compensation details here). It is always important to understand the full picture and, when selecting an agency to work with, this is something they should be providing to you.
  5. Do they have a list of success stories? – While most surrogacy agencies won’t share the surrogate stories publicly, it is important to ask about these when meeting with the various agencies. This helps you better understand the surrogacy journey you are about to begin, while always allows you to learn more about the agency you are about to work with.
  6. Ask for references – Similar to the above question, it is always important to ask for references. No one is going to understand your situation as well as someone who has recently completed their surrogacy journey with the agency you are talking to. By getting references, and being able to speak with other surrogate mothers, you should be able to ask a lot of additional questions.

Closing Thoughts

While no one can tell you which agency is the best one for you, by asking the questions provided in this article, and asking some of your own, you should be able to gain enough information to make an educated decision. At Creative Love Surrogacy Agency, we work with surrogate mothers in Florida and throughout the United States by providing support and guidance along each step of the surrogate process. If you are interested in learning more about what makes our agency different, or if you just have a question and would like to speak with an experienced specialist, we welcome you to contact us or call us at 954-776-9878. We look forward to speaking with you!