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What You Need To Know When Using A Surrogate Mother In Florida

Using a surrogate mother – surrogacy – is a wonderful option for many couples or individuals wanting to welcome a child into their life. With all of the advances in reproductive technology the possibilities are even greater. Before entering into a surrogate arrangement it is best to educate yourself as much as possible. Knowledge is power. Creative Love Egg Donor & Surrogate Agency works only in the area of “gestational surrogacy”. In the United States gestational surrogacy is less complex. It’s even less complex in Florida. Florida is a “very surrogate friendly state”.

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine sets high standards on the proper medical screening that should be followed when screening a potential surrogate. All surrogates should have past maternity records reviewed going back a minimum of 7 years. A potential surrogate she have a clean healthy pregnancy history. Avoiding preterm labor, doctor ordered bed rest, any autoimmune issues, delivery under 38 weeks gestation. Pass all infectious disease screening.

What is a Surrogate?

There are two different types of surrogate mothers.

Traditional Surrogate:  A traditional surrogate is artificially inseminate with the sperm of the intended father utilizing her own eggs (genetics). This makes a traditional surrogate the biological mother. However; though an adoption process she relinquishes her parental rights over to the couple or individual that she cared for. Donor sperm can also be used for a traditional surrogate journey.

Gestational Surrogate: Entering into a journey of gestational surrogate. The intended mother would go through a IVF cycle harvesting her own biological eggs. Fertilize the eggs with that of her husband then transferring the created embryos to a gestational surrogates uterus. A gestational surrogate has no genetic links to the baby she is carrying giving her no parental rights. In some gestational surrogate arrangements in Florida a couple and individuals can use donated eggs. In Florida as long as the couple is married and using either the sperm or egg of the intended mother they would enter into a gestational surrogate arrangement. One half of the couple or individual must have a genetic link to the child.

Who might use a Surrogate? 

In the state of Florida in order to enter into a surrogate arrangement the couple or individual must be deemed medical necessary for them to work with surrogate mother. Some might need a surrogate due to loss of reproductive organs, autoimmune issues, unexplained infertility just to name a few.

Others that might use a surrogate is a gay individual or couple. In this situation in Florida now that gay marriage is recognized a married couple would enter into a gestational surrogate arrangement. If the person is single or not married than they would enter into a pre-planned adoption agreement.

Finding a Surrogate? 

A surrogate can be a relative or a close friend. This could be a cost effective way to go. If one should ever choose this route it’s important that you follow all of the same steps. Never risk anything because you’re working with a relative or friend. Legal contracts must still be drafted with separate legal representation to prevent any conflict from arising.

A surrogate agency. Not because we are an agency do we stress the importance of working with an agency. This especially stands true if you are entering into a surrogate arrangement for the first time. A surrogate journey can be very overwhelming. As an agency we take  full responsibility of completely screening and matching you would an ideal surrogate. We are the the “team leader” making sure that the entire journey is smooth sailing.