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Surrogacy: carry someone else’s egg – Egg Donation and Surrogacy Insights

Can a surrogate carry someone else’s egg?

As a surrogate mother, or someone interested in becoming a surrogate, understanding how the surrogacy process works is important in deciding if the surrogacy journey is right for you. One of the common questions we receive from new surrogate mothers is if a surrogate can carry someone else’s egg.

As we do often with our surrogacy blog, we like to focus on the various common questions from to-be surrogate mothers to better help educate those on what to expect through becoming a surrogate.

Do surrogates use their own eggs?

Can a surrogate carry someone else’s egg?: Although technically some surrogates may choose to use their own eggs, such as those in traditional surrogacy, surrogates working with surrogacy agencies often times will use the eggs of an egg donor. The reason for this is most surrogacy agencies, including Creative Love Egg Donor & Surrogacy Agency, strictly work with Gestational Carriers, also known as Gestational Surrogates.

A Gestational surrogate is a surrogate mother who carries an embryo which was created with the intended mother (or egg donor’s) egg and the intended father (or sperm donor’s) sperm. This allows for the Intended Parent(s) to have a biological connection, if they choose to/are able to, with their child. This also allows for the baby to not share any biological connection with the surrogate mother.

How do I get pregnant without my own egg?

After understanding that the egg used in your surrogacy journey will come from an egg donor or the Intended Mother, the next question you might have is how do you get pregnant. With gestational surrogacy you become pregnant through in vitro fertilization (commonly referred to as IVF). IVF is when the embryo, created by the sperm and egg, is placed into the surrogate’s uterus.

By going the route of IVF the chances of becoming pregnant can be a lot higher and overall the chances of complications are lowered. At Creative Love we work with the leading IVF clinics throughout the country to ensure the process of IVF is performed with the highest standards and chances of success.

Who pays for IVF in surrogacy?

As a surrogate mother, you will not have to pay for the IVF procedure or any of the other steps throughout your surrogacy journey. The costs associated with IVF, surrogacy medications and more, along with your surrogacy compensation, is all covered by the Intended Parent(s).

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