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Eating An Organic Diet During Your Surrogate Journey Florida Style

Another person is entrusting you to carry their child for the next 9 months. Not only is a healthy diet and lifestyle important during your pregnancy. It’s also important leading up to the pregnancy. Research suggest that the age of the surrogate plays an important role in the success of the journey as well as a healthy diet. Now that your eating for two it’s important to eat a well-balanced healthy diet. This will allow for your body to provide the correct amount of vitamins and nutrients you need to stay healthy, but it also provides the unborn baby with the nutrients he or she needs to grow and develop. Not only changing your choices in food, but also adding vitamin supplements are recommended.

Organic food is expensive! It’s often double the price of the same non-organic product. Some intended parents will request that their surrogate only follows a organic diet. The intended parents compensate the surrogate to cover the expense of this type of diet. If your a surrogate on a limited budget at minimal you can eat organic fruits and vegetables. To make things even more cost effective there are certain fruits and vegetable that have not necessarily been grown organic, but have not been exposed to large amounts of pesticides and herbicides. You can consume non-organic foods that have inedible peels, such as oranges, or have outer layers that can be removed like lettuce. Remember during your pregnancy to limit or avoid foods that have been treated with pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals.

The benefits of organic meat, poultry, milk, and eggs is not currently very clear. If your a surrogate that craves meat during your pregnancy you should purchase meat and dairy that is not produced using antibiotics, grow hormones, or feed composed of animal products to be considered organic. Don’t forget to supplement your diet with vitamins. Even though your diet is well balanced you still might need a little extra in the means of supplements. Every surrogate mother at Creative Love Egg Donor & Surrogate Agency starts taking a prenatal vitamin well before the start of the medical phase of the journey. It’s important that the prenatal vitamin has the recommended 600 mg of folic acid every day. Folic acid helps prevent nervous system disorders in the unborn child. The prenatal also has the recommended amount of iron. DHA and other important vitamins and minerals.

Remember eating a well balanced diet benefits the baby as well as you! Your body will respond so much better to the pregnancy when your intestinal health is balanced. If you cannot afford to go strictly organic just remember to stay balanced with fruits, dairy products, lean protein from beans, legumes, low-fat red meat, and fish with low mercury will give you the vitamins and minerals you need along with your very important prenatal vitamin.  A healthy surrogate makes for a healthy baby!