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5 common questions people ask surrogate mothers
5 Common Questions People Ask Surrogate Mothers

Posted by creativeadmin on October 15, 2020

There is something almost exotic about being a surrogate mother. On the grand scheme of things, very few people do it, and it is a very intimate role. Indeed, it  is a relatively rare version of one of life’s most intimate functions.

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The common medications a surrogate needs

Posted by creativeadmin on September 25, 2020

When a woman first decides to become a surrogate, it might not occur to her that surrogacy involved medications. But it is, after all, a medical procedure. And it is not a natural process, where the body prepares itself to undergo changes. A surrogate candidate will naturally want to know what medications will be going …

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Virtual surrogacy meetings during COIVD-19

Posted by creativeadmin on September 10, 2020

World interrupted. That pretty much sums up COVID-19 and the corona virus pandemic. In early 2020, many services and activities slammed to a halt. Chief among those were non-essential medical and personal care services.

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Have you ever thought of being a surrogate mother?

Posted by creativeadmin on August 28, 2020

“Have you ever thought about being a surrogate mother?” It’s not the kind of question you get every day, and you would most likely answer “No.” But the question might also make you think. Why do some people choose to be surrogate mothers?

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Surrogacy and Single Men
How do I become a single father with surrogacy?

Posted by creativeadmin on May 26, 2020

How do I become a single father with surrogacy? The beautiful thing about surrogacy is that it allows anyone the ability to start a family of their own, regardless of their unique situation. While surrogacy is very popular for those struggling to start a family due to infertility or being of the same sex, it …

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