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Are you contemplating which IVF clinic to work with? Florida is home to 40 fertility clinics with some having better success rates then others. A good way to increase your chance of success in your IVF procedure is to do lots of research before selecting your clinic. At Creative Love Egg Donor Agency

An “Art Attorney is an attorney who specializes in assisted reproductive technology and family formation law. , including surrogacy, egg donation, embryo donation, sperm donation, parental establishment, non-traditional family formation, co-parenting and second parent adoption. Attorneys specializing

Join the movement and get involved, “Infertility Awareness Week 2013! Did you know that over 7.3 million people are affected by infertility! More then 30% of infertility cases are given a diagnosis of unexplained infertility. After undergoing a full diagnostic work up women and men are still not given

Selective Reduction & Medical Termination: What Does It Mean For A Surrogate Mother? Becoming a surrogate mother is one of  most rewarding experiences of your life! Many women make the decision to carry a child for intended parent(s) based on their strong desire to share their own experience and

Creative Love had a wonderful week with lots of exciting news to report. I personally spent the day with one of our donors. I took her for her baseline appointment at University of Miami. What a spectacular clinic! Lily the nurse and Dr. Attia are just super. They make our donors feel special every time.