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You’ve just been told by your fertility doctor that you need a gestational carrier to increase your chances at parenthood. Maybe you have always known that you would need a carrier. Turing to surrogacy can be an emotional choice for some couples and individuals. Giving up your reproductive freedom

Not a very common practice, but to some intended parent(s) blood typing is important to them when selecting an egg donor to cycle with. When selecting a specific blood type it is important to remember that children do not necessarily inherit the same blood type as their biological parents. The reason

As listed in our tab “requirements for becoming a surrogate” in order to qualify as a gestational carrier you must be financially secure. While you may otherwise be the perfect potential candidate, if you receive any form of government assistance you will not qualify to be a surrogate mother. The

When entering into a surrogacy arrangement it is against the law to utilize Medicaid for your benefit. Medicaid is a federal government sponsored program available to assist individuals that live at certain socioeconomic level. This federal assisted program offers medical needs like health insurance

Where does this leave anxiety medication?  By this, we are not talking about over-the-counter pills intended to relieve headaches caused in part by daily stress.  By anxiety medication, we mean prescription drugs intended to help regulate clinically diagnosed anxiety.  And they are often a no-no

Let’s start with what menopause is. It is not something new, but rather the end of something old. And that something is the process of nourishing egg cells to maturity. In fact, it might coincide with the end of egg cells, altogether. When a girl is born, she has about a million egg cells left, just

One of the more common questions we receive from those looking to become a surrogate mother is if you can become a surrogate after having a c-section? The simple answer to this is yes, as many women who have had c-section births before have later become surrogate mothers. That said, we wanted to provide

Yes, you can be a surrogate mother if you have had a c-section. That was a simple answer.  Six months after your c-section, you can come in and apply to be a surrogate mother.  A c-section does not interfere with your qualifications.  We will have you complete an application and put you through

Do you get paid to be a surrogate in Florida?  Yes, if you qualify, if you are accepted and if intended parents negotiate an agreement, you get paid to be a surrogate mother in Florida. More than most, Florida is a surrogate friendly state.  That means that surrogacy is not only permitted, but there

First, let’s be clear. HPV is not the same thing as HIV. HPV stands for Human papillomavirus, and it is a DNA virus that inhabits typically the skin or mucus membranes in the genitals area. There are several forms of HPV, and they are usually benign, causing no symptoms. But some of them can lead to