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Your initial consultation with us can be done through Skype. We want you to be most comfortable working with an agency abroad from your home country. During this casual consultation we can answer any questions that you may have about the whole surrogate or egg donation process. We can assist in explaining

I don’t think that you can really give this question a right or wrong answer. When is the right time to turn to egg donation? The “right time” is truly when it’s the right time for you. I felt very fortunate in the sense that I never got the speech that we all so dread to hear from our fertility

SINGLE women are flocking to IVF centers to have babies solo as it becomes more socially acceptable for women to fore-go the wait for a perfect partner. Data from two of Melbourne’s biggest fertility clinics shows that since the January 2010 introduction of legislation giving single women access to

by Iris Waichler, L.C.S.W. One of the toughest things about coping with infertility is the time you have to wait.  This includes waiting for test results, waiting to find surrogates and donors, waiting to determine why you can’t have a baby, waiting for a call from the adoption agency telling you

Intended parents ask us all of the time what our thoughts are on the IVF clinic that they are working with. If you are just starting out on your fertility journey and need an extra little piece of mind it’s always a good resource to look at your clinics success rate through SART.  Fertility treatments

I think many couples overlook the male factor when it comes to their infertility challenges. Infertility statistics  state that 40% of infertility problems are with the female, 40% with the male and 20% as a couple combined. The world of infertility doesn’t offer men as many different test options

Practitioners at Tao of Wellness often ask their patients to reduce or eliminate caffeine from their diet because its stimulating effects are counter-productive to their treatments. Many people rely on regular consumption of excessive amounts of caffeine. While the drinker may only be aware of the

One of the most important aspects of riding the infertility roller coaster is partnering with the right medical doctor to help your parenting dream become a reality. Many people have long standing relationships with their obstetrician/gynecologist and choose to stay with this physician as they try to

Does my daughter have PCOS? A guide for concerned moms by Corey Whelan Who can forget the agonies associated with high school. The desire to fit in with the crowd, yet stand out as a star has taken its toll on just about every adolescent ever born. As if it wasn’t hard enough, for some teenage girls,

Information provided by Resolve Prior to the development of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), no options were available for women with premature ovarian failure or diminished ovarian reserve or genetically transmittable diseases. This article will provide an overview of egg donation, with an emphasis on