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Can you be a surrogate at any age? Some of the common questions we here from those interested in becoming a surrogate mother are “can you be a surrogate at any age” or “what are the age requirements for surrogate mothers?” Although technically there is a wide age range for those who can become

Does the surrogate mother share DNA with the baby? When considering if starting a family through surrogacy is the right decision for you and your partner, a question that may come up is if the surrogate mother will share DNA with your newborn baby. In today’s blog we will go over this question to better

For any surrogate mother, immediately following the embryo transfer you will start to wonder if the embryo transfer was successful. While you know the procedure went well, you can’t stop thinking if everything is as it should be and knowing that it can take some time to be sure, this can leave you

Before choosing to become a surrogate mother, it is important to do your research. Besides deciding if this choice is right for you, we recommend for you to review the requirements of becoming a surrogate mother to know if you qualify. In today’s blog post we will take a few moments to go over some

So, you’ve decided to start your journey to becoming a surrogate mother, congratulations! Now, most likely, your next decision is which surrogacy agency are you planning on having represent you. Having the right surrogacy agency represent you can be very beneficial as that agency will walk you through

Chances are, if you are reading this article, you are considering if becoming a surrogate mother is the right decision for you. Choosing to become a surrogate mother is a big, life-changing decision that should only be made after you have given it a lot of thought. Although we can not make the decision

One of the more common questions we get asked by our new surrogates is if there are any diet recommendations, or restrictions, they should be aware of throughout their pregnancy. For any pregnancy, including those through surrogacy, it is important to maintain a healthy diet for both you and the baby. Unlike

Nothing in life is perfect.  No matter where you go, no matter what you do, there are blemishes, missed opportunities and human error.  And there are plenty of things we just don’t know and can’t guess until they happen. It can be that way also with fertility clinics. Imperfections are part of

Third-Party reproduction using a known Oocyte donor, anonymous oocyte donor requires a thorough pre-screening of any oocyte donor prior to IVF. There are three important steps required prior to approval: A psychological examination – in the case of an anonymous egg donor this is arranged for by Creative

It’s a question you may hear often after having a baby, especially in those early years, when the thoughts are still fresh. Tell us your birth story.  How long  were you in labor? What techniques did your Doula use? What supportive practices did you engage in with your partner? Did you have a partner?